Tuesday, August 7, 2007

i hate...

people like me..who don't post very often and when they do they just apologize for not doing it.

Like I have a ton of friends that are just dying to hear from me or see what is going on my so important life.

wanna know? well here it is anyway.

i am buying a business..ok trying to. i need to money first and banks are assholes. so there are other ways around that and i am working on it.

i start school once again in September. i called the local college and asked what i had to finish to graduate, and too my surprise it was not much. so here's looking to 08/08/2008.

work sucks, but that is a constant in my life. i get so add/ocd about things that jobs and other things become boring to me very quickly. that is why i change, or want change soo freakin much. easier that way to me.

why stick it out when you can have the excitement of interviewing and lying your ass off to get a job that is just as shitty as the one that you have now?

go throught 1500 interviews cause the stupid hr and potential boss can't figure out what the fuck to do right?

i am in the process of interviewing people for where i work. and oh boy is it fun. come on people, can't you at least wear something nice to the interview. and no ripped jeans are not nice unless you are worth $100,000,000,000. then technically you can wear what ever the fuck you want and work where ever you want.

but people are stupid and i have a feeling that the job interviewing process is going to take a very, very long time.

wish me luck!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

it's been a while

man it has been.

but that is what happens when 1) you move your company to a new locationa, and 2) your work blocks access to blogger..

that sucks, since most of my thinking or lack of is done at work. and by the time I am home the only thing that I want is simple entertainment.

that's all.

but nothing major going on. oh there are some interesting comments on bike riders, and hopefully one day when i see the useless twit that left the last comment i can run them off the road!!

my business venture has stalled out for now, but that will resume shortly. just need to get everything in order to try again..hoefully.

Friday, July 13, 2007


not the motored ones, but the little peddle powered ones and their multi-colored owners.

i fucking hate em...and yes i have gone on about them before but it's back once again. this time due to three separate incidents where they were the rulers of the road.

ok come on people, you are taking a very big risk in riding in the road where it is barley wide enough for 2 cars to pass each other as it is. not since you can not maintain the posted speed limit i have to fucking wait for you to peddle out of my fucking way so i can keep going. i do not like to stop once i am moving, nor do i like to slow way down since you can not utilize the fucking sidewalk that was built for you and the walkers...

imagine driving down the road at 45mph minding your own business when you are suddenly dodging multi-colored flamingos on bikes. all dressed in their skin tight little outfits to match like they are part of some gay fucking circus.

they were all over the place. weaving in and out having a grand old time until i threw my drink on them. i am not that bad usually but they really got to me. get out of my way, do the speed limit or go!

i just can not stand it. i am constantly slowing down so that i don't plow some ass hole on a bike over, or some stupid fucking walker that needs to walk on the road! cars are almost getting into accidents just to avoid the bike riders as they race each other so they can go home and rub ben gay all over each other.

get the fuck out of the way. the towns spend tons of money on sidewalks for walkers and bike riders. use em, or don't get all pissed when i run you off the road.

Monday, July 9, 2007

ok for some reason i can not name this post. can not put a title in it....

oh well, i was going to say that today might turn out to be a 4 post monday or some other catchy name for today, but i can not stand when people do that. like wordless wednesday or whatever.

not sure why it bugs me but it does.

so onto what i was going to say. does anyone know how to get hired at xm or sirus radio?

I really want a job in radio. nothing full time, but part time would be good. some talk show or something like that would be good. a place to vent about everything and anything. mostly about how god damn stupid people are.

but anyway, have you seen this show on the USA network called Burn Notice?

Great show, watch it. It is on Thursdays (i think), but it is a great show. better than most shows on tv. i am truly hoping that they keep it coming back after this summer season.

look for it on a google search since i am too lazy to put a link here, plus it is close to lunch time and i want to EAT!!!

maybe after lunch i will post am link to it.


so the branch (where i work) is moving next week.

you think we would be ready by now, but nope.... my boss does not want to spend the money to pay for a delivery truck to come over and get crap out of here.

nope he just wants to wait for his buddies to have trucks available to use.

so basically for the last week or so now we could have had about half of the crap here gone, but it is still here.

still sitting here waiting to be moved due to the fact that i have a very extremely cheap boss.

this move or potential move has been a fucking nightmare. everyone is ready to scream due to the fact that nothing is getting done and really can';t since crap is stock piling in the small warehouse that we have now.

arrrrggghhhhhh...that was lame...sorry....

so i can bet that when we finally do move that it will be one giant cluster fuck of a time.

should be fun, wanna help..?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


yeah somethings are never good.

like my ability to not post things that people will find. mainly my wife.

there was a post on here that i said a few too many things about "us" that she read and , well i should have kept my mouth shut.

caused a whole bunch of problems, mainly for me, but they are resolved. i deleted the posts and in doing so, deleted my blog all together.

so starting all over once again.